Slumdog Millionaire


Klasse 9


Slumdog Millionaire. 


Go to the wikipedia entry for Slumdog Millionaire.


Q 1 What happened to the child actors that played Salim and Latika? 


Q 2 Name the eight Academy Awards that Slumdog Millionaire won.


Q 3 As the director explains, what is the meaning of the term ‘Slumdog’?


Q 4 What are the total gross earnings of Slumdog Millionaire worldwide? 


Q 5 In a review Eric Hynes compares Jamal with another hero in a film with the same name. Who is the hero of the other film?


Q 6 Watch the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire. The famous film critic Roger Ebert is cited. What is his quote? 


Q 7 What did the real-life ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ want to do with his winnings?


Q 8 What was the last question and answer for the real slumdog millionaire?


Q 9 Why doesn’t Jamal reach Latika in time in the ”train station scene”?


Q 10 What will happen to Mumbai slum that was in the film?